Digging in the archives

On Friday,  a friend and I spent a couple of hours going through our school archives. We were looking for images of the original house coat of arms but what we found were early editions of our newsletter. This began in the early 1920s and copies in the archives stretch to the mid 1990s. What is fascinating is that contained within these pages are the writings of previous students on the subjects of history and debating. These of course allowed a personal connection to be formed since these are topics of interest to myself and my friend. Below are images of a select copies of the newsletter.

An extract from the report of the Historical Society from 1991 describing a trip to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum
unnamed (1).jpg
A report and picture of the Historical Society on their trip to the USSR
unnamed (2).jpg
The report from the Literary and Debating Society discussing the use of funds in the society

The beauty in looking down the hole of history is seeing the connection to the present. Today I help to run the History Society and the Debating Society at school and to see a rich heritage, one made by students who sat in the same classrooms as I, is ultimately a reward for anyone interested in history.



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